All My Identified Ancestors
Born Died
19thGreat Grand Parents
Philip Purifoy ± 1312 > 1332
Margareita de Shelford ± 1316
Children: Thomas Purefoy

John Wellesbrough ± 1316 Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, England
Children: Katherina Wellsbrough

Baldwin I de Freville 1292 Tamworth Castle, Warwickshire, England 1375
Elizabeth de Montfort
Children: (Sir) Baldwin II Freville
More on the history, ghosts and owners of Tamworth Castle

Richard Misterton 1245 Misterton Manor, Leicestershire, England
Children: Alice Misterton

John de Botetourte 1318 England 1385 England
Joyce de Mortimer la Zounche ± 1311 England > 1372 England
Children: Joyce de Botetourte

Ralph Stafford, Earl of Stafford 1301 Tunbridge, Stafford, England 1372 England
Margaret De Audley ± 1318 Stafford, Staffordshire, England 1347 England
Children: Margaret Stafford
Lord Stafford was a military leader during the wars of King Edward III. He was present at the Battle of Sluys and at Crecy in 1346. Barbara Tuchman in A Distant Mirror, relates that no one dared inform the French King of their disasterous defeat at sea battle off Sluys "until his jester was thrust forward and said, 'Oh, the cowardly English, the cowardly English!' and on being asked why, replied, 'They did not jump overboard like our brave Frenchmen.' The King evidently got the point. The fish drank so much French blood, it was said afterward, that if God had given them the power of speech they would have spoken in French."

Philip de Aylesbury ± 1288 England
Margaret de Keynes ± 1292
Children: Thomas Aylesbury

Ralph Bassett ± 1323 Great Weldon, Northamptonshire, England > 1368
Joan (Jane) De La Pole ± 1331 London, Middlesex, England
Children: Joan Bassett

William Stafford
Children: John Stafford

Richard Champernon
Elizabeth Joan de Valletort ± 1295 North Tawton, Devonshire, England
Children: Thomas Champernon
More on the Valletorts of Devon and Cornwall from the Rootsweb Medieval Archives.

Roger Rohaut
Eleanor Lovell
Children: Eleanor de Rohard

Guy de Beauchamp
Alice de Toeni Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England England
Children: Elizabeth de Beauchamp

William III, Count of Hainault ± 1280 1337
Jeanne de Valois ± 1294 1341/42
Children: Philippa of Hainault

Edward II, King of England 1284 Caernarvon Castle, Wales 1327 Berkeley Castle, England
Isabella de France 1292 Paris, France 1358 Castle Rising, Norfolk, England
Children: Edward III, King of England
The Isabella, portrayed by the beautiful French actress Sophie Marceau in the movie Braveheart, wasn’t quite true to life. Isabella did not have an affair nor a child with William Wallace; she didn’t come to England until after Wallace was executed. Known at time as the “she-wolf of France”, she was quite a woman. After her son (the future Edward III) was born, she took him to France. Once he became old enough, she and Edward returned to England to take the throne from her degenerate husband, Edward II. With the cooperation of English nobles, Edward III, did indeed become King. Her continuing conspiracies, though, forced her son to imprison her (in comfort) for the rest of her life in Castle Rising in Norfolk.

Richard Leveson III ± 1315 Of Staffordshire, England 1346 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Edith Leveson ± 1317 Of Staffordshire, England
Children: John Leveson II

Richard de Rushal ± 1307 England
Children: John de Rushall

Roger Knightley ± 1293 Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England 1362 Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England
Sibil Knightley ± 1293 Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England
Children: Robert de Knightley

William de Burgh ± 1295 Burgh Hall, Gnosall, Staffordshire, England
Eleanor Cowley ± 1298 Cowley, Staffordshire, England
Children: Adam de Burgh

Hugh "the Younger" le Despenser ± 1290 Barton, Glou., England 1326 Herefordshire, England
Eleanor Clare 1292 Caerphilly Castle, Glamorgan 1337
Children: Elizabeth de Despencer
18th Great Grand Parents
Geffrey Fielding ± 1270 Munsterton/Minsterton, Leicestershire, England
Matilda (Maud) de Colville 1270 Newnham Manor, Warwickshire, England
Children: Geffrey Fielding

John de Napton 1275 Misterton Manor, Leicestershire, England
Alice Misterton 1275 Misterton Manor, Leicestershire, England
Children: Agnes de Napton

Thomas Purefoy ± 1333 > 1383
Katherina Wellsbrough ± 1337 Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, England
Children: William Purefoy

Friederick Schmeltz Rucker 1302
Children: Helschmeltz Heintz Rucker

Robert Newnham
Children: Julian de Newnham

Henry de Ferrers
June de Hou
Children: Margaret de Ferrers

Richard Quartermain ± 1300 North Weston, Oxford, England
Children: Maud Quartermain

(Sir) Baldwin II Freville 1332 Tamworth Castle, Warwickshire, England ± 1388
Joyce de Botetourte 1368 England 1420 England
Children: (Sir) Baldwin III Freville

Sir Thomas Green England
Children: Johanna Green

John Stafford Bramshall, Stafford, England
Margaret Stafford ± 1340 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
Children: Ralph Stafford

John Hastings 1332
Children: Maud De Hastings

Thomas Aylesbury ± 1314 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England < 1349
Joan Bassett ± 1323 Great Weldon, Northamptonshire, England
Children: John Aylesbury

Thomas Champernon ± 1314 Modbury, Devonshire, England > 1342
Eleanor de Rohard ± 1318 Modbury, Devonshire, England
Children: Richard Champernon

Thomas Astley ± 1305 Astley, Warwickshire, England ± 1385
Elizabeth de Beauchamp ± 1305 Warwick, Warwickshire, England 1359
Children: Alice Astely

Adam de Burgh ± 1320 Burgh Hall, Gnosall, Staffordshire, England
Aliltha Harcourt ± 1336 Of Rayon, Staffordshire, England
Children: Elizabeth de Burgh

Edward III, King of England 1312 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England 1377 Sheen Palace, Surrey, England
Philippa of Hainault 1311 Valenciennes, France 1369 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Children: John "of Gaunt" Plantagenet

Maurice de Berkeley 1330 1368
Elizabeth de Despencer 1389
Children: Thomas de Berkeley

John Leveson II ± 1339 Of Willenhall, Staffordshire, England Willenhall, Staffordshire, England
Agnes Leveson ± 1340 Of Stafford, England
Children: Richard Leveson IV

John de Rushall ± 1339 Of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Children: Joanna de Rushall

Robert de Knightley ± 1315 Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England < 1395
Juliane Knightley ± 1316 Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England 1395
Children: John Knightley II
17th Great Grand Parents
Geffrey Fielding ± 1311 Warwickshire, England
Agnes de Napton 1320 Misterton Manor, Leicestershire, England
Children: William Fielding

William Purefoy ± 1355 Shelford, Warwickshire, England > 1403
Marion 1356 Drayton, Leicestershire, England
Children: William Purefoy

Helschmeltz Heintz Rucker 1340 Germany
Children: Albert Levi Rucker

William Prudhome 1325 Warwickshire, England
Julian de Newnham 1330 Newnham Manor, Warwickshire, England
Children: Joan Prudhome

Lord Richard Grey
Margaret de Ferrers ± 1360
Children: Alice Grey

Thomas Lyttleton ± 1320 England
Maud Quartermain ± 1330 England
Children: Elizabeth Lyttleton

(Sir) Baldwin III Freville 1368 Woebley Castle, Worcestershire, England 1401 England
Johanna Green ± 1370 Norton, Northamptonshire, England
Children: Joyce Freville, Baldwin IV Freville, Elizabeth Freville, Margaret Freville

Ralph Stafford 1358 Worcester, England 1409/10 Hastings
Maud De Hastings 1358/59 Chebsey, Staffordshire, England > 1374
Children: Humphrey Stafford

John Aylesbury 1349 ± 1410
Isabel ± 1350
Children: Thomas Aylesbury

Lawrence Pabenham 1343 1399
Elizabeth Engayne 1354
Children: Catherine Pabenham

Richard Champernon 1340 Modbury, Devonshire, England > 1394
Alice Astely ± 1347 Eastleigh, Devonshire, England
Children: Alexander Champernon

John de Neville 1331 1388 Newcastle, England
Maud de Percy
Children: Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmorland

John "of Gaunt" Plantagenet 1339/40 Ghent, Flanders 1398/99 Leicester Castle, England
Katherine Swynford Roet 1350 Picardy, France 1403 Lincoln, England
Children: Joan Beaufort

Thomas de Berkeley 1351/52 Berkeley Castle, England 1417
Margaret de Lisle 1360 1390/91
Children: Elizabeth de Berkeley

Richard Leveson IV ± 1378 Of Willenhall, Staffordshire, England Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Joanna de Rushall ± 1382 Of Willenhall, Staffordshire, England
Children: Nicholas Leveson I

John Prestwood ± 1332 England
Children: Maude Matilda Prestwood

John Knightley II ± 1339 Of Gnosall, Staffordshire, England 1414
Elizabeth de Burgh ± 1343 Of Burgh Hall, Staffordshire, England 1417
Children: John Knightley III

Thomas Weight-man 1380 England
Children: Richard Weight-man
16th Great Grand Parents
William Fielding ± 1380 Newnham Pardox, Warwickshire, England
Joan Prudhome ± 1370 Newnham Pardox, Warwickshire, England
Children: John Fielding
William Fielding was born at Newnham Paddox, the Fielding estate near Monks Kirby. seven miles northwest of Rugby.

William Purefoy 1379 Drayton, Leicestershire, England
Margaret Knightley 1380 Shelford, Warwickshire, England
Children: Margaret Purefoy

Albert Levi Rucker 1365 Germany
Catherine 1360 Germany
Children: Albert Henry Levi Rucker

Thomas Wescote England
Elizabeth Lyttleton ± 1370 England
Children: Thomas Lyttleton

(Sir) John Burley 1504/05
Alice Grey ± 1380
Children: Joan Burley

(Sir) Roger Aston England 1446 England
Joyce Freville 1385 England
Children: (Sir) Robert Aston

(Sir) William Brereton
Alice Corbert
Children: Joan Brereton

Humphrey Stafford 1384 1418/19
Elizabeth Burdet 1384
Children: Humphrey Stafford

Thomas Aylesbury ± 1372 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England 1418
Catherine Pabenham ± 1376 Thenford, Northamptonshire, England 1436
Children: Eleanor Aylesbury

William Bigbery 1382 Devonshire, England
Elizabeth Powlett ± 1386 Devonshire, England
Children: Elizabeth Bigbery

Alexander Champernon ± 1356 Bere Ferrers, Devon, England 1441
Joan Ferrers ± 1360
Children: John Champernon

Richard de Beauchamp 1380/81 Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England 1439 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
Elizabeth de Berkeley 1386 1422
Children: Elizabeth Beauchamp
More on the Beauchamp Family and the Wars of the Roses. Richard "supervised" the trial of Jeanne d'Arc in 1431

Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmorland 1363 1425
Joan Beaufort 1379 1440
Children: George Neville
Grandparents of Richard, Earl of Warwick, "The Kingmaker" (1428-1471)

Edmund Cheney ± 1396 Brook Manor, Westbury, Wiltshire, England
Alice Stafford ± 1400 Hook, Dorsetshire, England
Children: Anne (Agnes) Cheney

Nicholas Leveson I ± 1405 Of Prestwood, Staffordshire, England
Maude Matilda Prestwood ± 1409 Of Prestwood, Staffordshire, England
Children: Richard Leveson V

John Knightley III ± 1369 Gnosall, Staffordshire, England 1417
Joan Thornbury ± 1375 Of Chesterton, Warwickshire, England 1418
Children: Joanna de Knightley

Richard Weight-man 1400 England
Scianeley Wooden 1400
Children: Thomas Weight-man
15th Great Grand Parents
John Fielding ± 1395 Pardox, Warwic
Margaret Purefoy ± 1400 Fenny Drayton, Warwickshire, England
Children: William Fielding

Albert Henry Levi Rucker 1400 Germany
Elizabeth 1405 Germany
Children: Richard Levi Rucker

John de St. Liz ± 1400 Huntingdonshire, England
Jane Belers ± 1403 Huntingdonshire, England
Children: Agnes de St. Liz

Thomas Lyttleton ± 1407 Frankley, Worcester, England 1481 England
Joan Burley ± 1400 England England
Children: William Lyttleton

(Sir) Robert Aston 1464
Joan Brereton
Children: (Sir) John de Aston

(Sir) John Delves 1471
Ellen Edgerton
Children: Elizabeth Delves
John Delves was killed during the Wars of the Roses at the Battle of Tewkesbury. Lance and Longbow Society Links

George Neville > 1400 1469
Elizabeth Beauchamp 1417 1480
Children: Henry Neville

Humphrey Stafford 1400 Grafton, England > 1467
Eleanor Aylesbury ± 1407 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England
Children: Elizabeth Stafford

John Champernon ± 1413 Bere Ferrers, Devon, England 1475
Elizabeth Bigbery 1426 Devonshire, England < 1505
Children: Blanche Champernon

John Bourchier 1415 1474
Margery Berners 1418 1475
Children: Joan Bourchier

Thomas Weight-man 1425 England
Children: Henry Whitman

Thomas Axtell 1455 England
Joan Gould 1584
Children: Alice Axtell

John Willoughby ± 1400 Guisborough, Yorkshire, England 1435/36
Anne (Agnes) Cheney 1426 Brook Manor, Westbury, Wiltshire, England 1470
Children: Robert Willoughby

Richard Leveson V ± 1431 Of Prestwood, Staffordshire, England > 1449 Prestwood, Staffordshire, England
Joanna de Knightley ± 1435 Of Prestwood, Staffordshire, England
Children: Richard Leveson VI

Dennis Leech ± 1441 Of Wellingborough. England
Elizabeth Leech ± 1443 Of Northamptonshire, England
Children: Joan Leech
14th Great Grand Parents
William Fielding ± 1428 Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Agnes de St. Liz ± 1430 Huntingdonshire, England Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England
Children: Everard Fielding
William Fielding was another victim of the Wars of the Roses, dying at the Battle of Tewkesbury. The Lance and Longbow Society shows Fielding’s banner.

Richard Levi Rucker 1423 Germany
Elizabeth Maria Malshuer 1426 Netherlands
Children: Richard Conrad Rucker

Thomas Gibbs ± 1400 Warwickshire, England
Children: Thomas Gibbs

(Sir) John de Aston 1583
Elizabeth Delves
Children: (Sir) John Aston

William Lyttleton ± 1420
Ellen Fielding ± 1420
Children: Joan Lyttleton

Henry Neville 1437 1469
Joan Bourchier 1442 1470
Children: Richard Neville, Lord Latimer
The Battle of Edgecote Moor, July 26, 1469, a battle during the Wars of the Roses between the forces of Richard Neville (Earl of Warwick and cousin of Henry Neville) against the army of King Edward IV. Neville’s rebel force overcame the King’s and the royal army broke and ran; but not before Henry was killed. He is buried at Beauchamp Chapel at Warwick Castle. More on the Wars of the Roses and people involved.

Richard Beauchamp 1435 Powick, Worcestershire, England 1502/03
Elizabeth Stafford 1435 Beauchamp Court, Worcestershire, England
Children: Elizabeth Beauchamp

Robert Willoughby ± 1452 Broke, England 1502 Bere Ferrers, Devon, England
Blanche Champernon ± 1452 Bere Ferrers, Devon, England ± 1476
Children: Robert Willoughby

John Foote
Children: James John Foote

Henry Whitman 1463 Lye, England
Alice Axtell
Children: Edward Whitman

Richard Leveson VI ± 1457 Of Prestwood, Staffordshire, England
Hillary Leveson ± 1461 Of Prestwood, Staffordshire, England
Children: Nicholas Leveson II

Thomas Bodley ± 1460 Of Dunscombe, Devonshire, England London, Middlesex, England
Joan Leech ± 1464 Of Willingborough, Northamptonshire, England 1530
Children: Denyse Bodley

Ralph Kellon ± 1475
Children: Bridget Kellon
13th Great Grand Parents
Everard Fielding ± 1454 Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England 1514
Jellis Russel 1456 Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England
Children: William Fielding
Everard (Edward) Fielding fought on the side of King Henry VII. Were it not for the fact that people died at the Battle of Stoke, it could have been a comic opera. Coming some two years after the decisive Battle of Bosworth; it was a pathetic attempt to place Lambert Simnel, a mere boy who bore a physical resemblance to the pretender to the throne. The rebels were soundly defeated and Simnel was pardoned and given a job working in the royal kitchens.

Richard Conrad Rucker 1456 Germany
Isabella Marie 1459 Germany
Children: William Georg Rucker

Thomas Polteney
Children: Elizabeth Polteney
Thomas Polteney, too, fought for King Henry VII at the Battle of Stoke in 1487, the last battle in the Wars of the Roses.

John Strangman ± 1465 Essex, England 1527 Rayleigh, Essex, England
______ Downes ± 1465
Children: John Strangman

Robert Ingowe ± 1465
Joanne Dorward ± 1465
Children: Mary Ingowe

Thomas Barnardiston, Sir ± 1440 Ketton, Suffolk, England 1503
Elizabeth Newport ± 1460 Brent Pelham, H. England
Children: Thomas Barnardiston, Sir

Thomas Fitz Lucas ± 1455 Saxhum Parva, Suffolk, England ± 1532
Elizabeth Kemeis ± 1455 near Raglan Castle, Middlesex, England ± 1538
Children: Anne Fitz Lucas

George Colchester ± 1460 Stroke, G., England
Children: Margaret Colchester

Robert Brent ± 1440 Crossington, Somerset, England 1508
Margaret Malet ± 1448 Currypool, Somerset, England
Children: Robert Brent, Agnes Brent

Thomas Hugford
Children: John Hugford

John Denton ± 1465
Children: Anne Denton

John Grenville ± 1450 Milcote, Warwick, England ± 1500
Jane Forster ± 1465 Harpenden, Oxford, England
Children: Edward Grenville, Sir

Richard Neville, Lord Latimer ± 1468 Latimer, B., England < 1530 Snape Castle, Y., England
Anne Stafford ± 1472 Grafton, Warwick, England
Children: Margaret Neville, Elizabeth Neville, Susan Neville

Thomas Gibbs ± 1433 Warwickshire, England
Children: Robert Gibbs

Humphrey Stanley, Sir ± 1445
Children: Isiod Stanley

(Sir) John Aston 1473 England 1521/22 England
Joan Lyttleton ± 1452 England ± 1497 England
Children: (Sir) Edward Ashton
Served with Henry VIII in the French War of 1513; in the battle of Spurs and seige of Tournet.

(Sir) Thomas Bowles
Children: Jane Bowles

Robert Willoughby ± 1472 Broke, England 1521 Bere Ferrers, Devonshire, England
Elizabeth Beauchamp 1468 Beauchamp Court, Worcestershire, England
Children: Edward Willoughby

James John Foote ± 1496 Lincolnshire, England
Helen Warren ± 1500 Bessinghome, England
Children: John Robert Foote

Edward Whitman 1509 Surrey, England
Bridget Kellon 1513 Surrey, England
Children: Elizabeth Whitman

Robert Brooke 1500 Chingford, Essex, England 1551 Essex, Middlesex Co., England
Katherine ± 1500 Essex, Middlesex Co., England ± 1565 Middlesex Co., England
Children: John Brooke

Richard Warren Waller 1501 England
Alice Janewaye 1505 England 1557 England
Children: Helen Waller

Nicholas Leveson II ± 1494 London, England 1539 England
Denyse Bodley ± 1496 Of London, London, Middlesex, England 1561 Of Black Notley, Essex, England
Children: Alice Leveson

Edmund Hewitt 1480 Wales, (Laughton-enter-Morthern)Yorkshire
Children: William Hewitt, Lord Bishop Of London
12th Great Grand Parents
William Fielding ± 1474 Rutland, England 1547 England
Elizabeth Polteney ± 1478 Leicestershire, England 1539
Children: Basil Fielding

William Georg Rucker 1488 Germany
Victoria Weindl 1489 Austria
Children: Conrad Heinz Levi Rucker

Charles Nuttall ± 1470 Nuttall, Bury Parish, Lancashire, England 1557 Nuttall, Bury Parish, Lancashire, England
Children: Charles Nuttall

John Slyfield
Anne Elliot
Children: Friswith Slyfield

John Strangman ± 1490 ± 1526 Essex, England
Mary Ingowe ± 1490 Essex, England
Children: William Strangman

Thomas Barnardiston, Sir ± 1480 Ketton, Suffolk, England 1541 Ketton, Suffolk, England
Anne Fitz Lucas ± 1480 Saxhum Parva, Suffolk, England ± 1560 Kedington, Suffolk, England
Children: Mary Barnardiston

Robert Brent ± 1470 Crossington, Somerset, England
Margaret Colchester ± 1485 Stroke, G., England
Children: William Brent

John Hugford
Charde ± 1480
Children: John Huggeford

John Hennage
Anne Cope ± 1480
Children: Katherine Hennage

Edward Grenville, Sir ± 1485 Milcote, Warwick, England 1529
Anne Denton ± 1486
Children: Fulk Grenville

Edward Willoughby 1494 Broke, England 1517
Margaret Neville 1494/95 Latimer, B., England
Children: Elizabeth Willoughby

Robert Gibbs ± 1466 England
Children: Anthony Gibbs

Edward Reade ± 1480
Isiod Stanley ± 1475
Children: Peter Reed, Sir

Thomas Bleugrehasset, Sir
Children: Anne Bleagrehasset

(Sir) Edward Ashton ± 1494 Tixhall, Staffordshire, ENGLAND ± 1568
Jane Bowles 1490 1562
Children: Leonard Ashton

William Cotton 1560 Devonshire, England
Mary Hulme 1561 Devonshire, England
Children: Edward Cotton

John Robert Foote ± 1523 Royston, England
Helen Waller ± 1527 Bassingbourn, England 1558 London, England
Children: Robert Richard Foote

John Brooke 1530 Royston, England 1584 Eastcheap, England
Elizabeth Whitman 1535 St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London, England 1599 Middlesex, England
Children: Joan Brooke

William Hewitt, Lord Bishop Of London ± 1514 Laughton-En-Le-Morthen, So. Yorkshire, England 1565/66 England
Alice Leveson 1524 Halling, Kent, England, Yorkshire Co., England 1612 England
Children: Anne Hewett
11th Great Grand Parents
Basil Fielding 1500
Godith Wellington < 1548 Burcheston, Warwickshire, England 1570
Children: William Fielding

Conrad Heinz Levi Rucker 1517 Austria
Margaret Elizabeth Kuri 1520 Germany
Children: Hans Conrad Rucker

Charles Nuttall ± 1505 Bury Parish, Lancashire Co., England ± 1562 Crawelomme, Bury Parish, Lancashire, England
Children: Charles Nuttow (Nuttall)

Walter Farr 1510 Surrey, England ± 1590 Great Burstead, Essex, England
Friswith Slyfield ± 1510 Surrey, England
Children: Margaret Farr

John Wiseman ± 1510 Essex, England 1558/59 Felsted, Essex, England
Joanne Lucas ± 1510 1593 Essex, England
Children: George Wiseman

William Strangman ± 1515 Essex, England < 1574 Hadley Castle, Essex, England
Mary Barnardiston ± 1515 Ketton, Suffolk, England < 1560 Essex, England
Children: Martha Strangman

John Huggeford ± 1530 Henwood, Warwick, England
Katherine Hennage ± 1535 Howton, L. England
Children: Mary Huggeford

William Brent ± 1510 Lark Stroke, England 1595
Elizabeth _____ ± 1520
Children: Richard Brent

Peter Reed, Sir ± 1518 Gimmyingham, Norfolk, England 1568 London, England
Anne Bleagrehasset ± 1520 Brampton, England
Children: Giles Reed, Lord of Tusburie

Fulk Grenville ± 1515 Milcote, Warwick, England 1559
Elizabeth Willoughby ± 1515 Broke, Westbury, Warwick, England 1562
Children: Catherine Grenville, Robert Grenville
This Fulk Grenville (also spelled Fulke Greville) was the grandfather of the Fulk Grenville to whom King James I gave Warwick Castle in 1604.

John Peyton, Sir ± 1500 Iselham, Cambridge, England
Dorothy Tindall ± 1510 Hockwold, Norfolk, England
Children: John Peyton, Sir

Robert Peyton 1528 Iselham, Cambridge, England 1590
Elizabeth Rich ± 1528
Children: John Peyton, Sir

Edmund Beaupre ± 1492 Outwell, Norfolk, England 1567/68 Outwell, Norfolk, England
Catherine Bedingfield ± 1510 Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 1602/03 Outwell, Norfolk, England
Children: Dorothy Beaupre

Anthony Gibbs 1500
Joan Parker ± 1500 Somersetshire, MD ± 1572 England
Children: William Gibbs

Thomas Lane ± 1535 England
Alice ± 1540
Children: Dorothy Lane

Leonard Ashton ± 1515 Tixall, Staffordshire, ENGLAND ± 1556
Elizabeth Barton Creswell
Children: Walter Ashton

Edward Cotton 1586 Devonshire, England
Margaret Petre 1586 Devonshire, England
Children: John Cotton

William White
Children: Ann White

Robert Richard Foote 1553 Shalford Essex, Colchester, England
Joan Brooke 1559 Eastcheap, England
Children: Robert Foote

Edward Osborne ± 1530 Of London, London, Middlesex, England 1591/92 London, Middlesex, England
Anne Hewett 1543 London, England 1585 St. Martin Orgors, London
Children: Alice Osborne
Edward, a common "cloath worker" apprenticed to William Hewett, a rich tradesman who lived on London Bridge . Hewett's only daughter, Anne fell off the bridge and into the Thames; Edward jumped in and saved her life. Later, Edward married Anne and became rich and successful himself and was elected Lord Mayor of London in 1583.

Nathaniel Pope 1603 England 1660 Virginia
Children: Anne Pope
10th Great Grand Parents
William Fielding 1554
Dorothy Lane ± 1558 Warwickshire, England 1582 England
Children: Basil Fielding

Hans Conrad Rucker 1549 Netherlands
Hilda Maria Pepersach 1551 Austria
Children: William Conrad Rucker

Charles Nuttow (Nuttall) 1535 Bury Parish, Lancashire Co., England 1581/82 Wennington, Essex, England
Margaret Farr ± 1550 Great Burstead, Essex, England ± 1618/19 Rochford, Essex, England
Children: James Nuttall

George Wiseman ± 1540 Essex, England ± 1603 Kent, England
Martha Strangman ± 1540 Hadley Castle, Essex, England ± 1630 Upminister, Essex, England
Children: Jane Wiseman

Richard Brent ± 1540 Lark Stroke, England < 1591
Mary Huggeford ± 1555 Henwood, Warwick, England ± 1632 Hubberhill, G., England
Children: Richard Brent, Sheriff of Gloucester

Giles Reed, Lord of Tusburie ± 1542 Bredon, Warwick, England
Catherine Grenville ± 1546 Milcote, Warwick, England
Children: Fulk Reed, Eleanor or Elizabeth Reed

John Peyton, Sir 1537 Knowleton, Kent, England 1601/02
Dorothy Beaupre 1538 Outwell, Norfolk, England 1602/03
Children: John Peyton, Sir

John Peyton, Sir 1560 Iselham, Cambridge, England 1617
Alice Osborne 1562/63 St. Dionis, B., England 1626 England
Children: Alice Peyton

William Gibbs 1536 Dorsetshire, England 1616 Dorsetshire, England
Mary Newcourt 1550 Pickwell, Devonshire, England 1616 Dorsetshire, England
Children: Gregory Gibbs

William Watts 1520 Benenden, Kent, England
Johan Knott 1530 Benenden, Kent, England
Children: Robert Harrison Watts

Walter Ashton ± 1559 Neunham Pardox, Worcester, ENGLAND < ENGLAND>
Joyce Neisom ± 1565 Roughton, Warwickshire, ENGLAND > 1615
Children: Elizabeth Ashton

Thomas Hayward 1584 England
Joan Hawley 1589 England
Children: Nicholas Hayward

John Cotton 1615 Frithelstock, Devonshire, England 1679
Ann White 1617 Topsham, Devon, England
Children: William White Cotton

Robert Foote 1583 Shalford Essex, England 1646 Essex, England
Elizabeth Miles > 1576 Ware, Hertfordshire, England < 1680
Children: John Foote

John Washington 1633 Essex, England
Anne Pope 1635 Maryland
Children: Ann Washington

David Mansell ± 1600 England 1672
Children: Mary Mansell
9th Great Grand Parents
Nowe Passchier ± 1560 Haleweijn, Belgium
Stijntje Jaspers Menen or Leiden, Netherlands
Children: Jacob Noel, Susanna Noel, Boudewijn Noel

Basil Fielding 1580 ENGLAND ENGLAND?
Elizabeth Ashton 1585 Tixhall, Staffordshire, ENGLAND
Children: Rogers Fielding

William Conrad Rucker 1577 Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany
Catherine Margaret 1579 Germany
Children: Johann Georg Rucker

James Nuttall ± 1577 Wennington, Essex, England < 1637 Rochford, Essex, England
Jane Wiseman ± 1578 Upminister, Essex, England 1622 Essex, England
Children: John Nuthall

Chief Kittamaquand ± 1600
Children: Mary Kittamaquand

Richard Brent, Sheriff of Gloucester 1578 Lark Stroke, England 1652
Eleanor or Elizabeth Reed ± 1574 Bredon, W. England < 1631
Children: Giles Brent, George Brent, Capt., Fulke Brent, Margaret Brent

John Peyton, Sir ± 1579 Doddington, IoE, Suffolk, England ± 1651
Alice Peyton ± 1590 Iselham, Cambridge, England
Children: Marianne Peyton

Gregory Gibbs 1575 Dorsetshire, England
Helen Carey ± 1575 1602 England
Children: John Gibbs, Lt.

Robert Cager ± 1620 1667 St. Mary's Co., MD
Dorothy James ± 1625
Children: Robert Cager

Robert Harrison Watts 1560 Benenden, Kent, England
Children: Cornelius Watts

Nicholas Hayward ± 1615 London, Shoreditch, England
Ann Washington
Children: Hester Hayward

John Foote 1610 Cardinham, Cornwall, England 1648 Cardinham, Cornwall, England
Children: Foote, Hunfrey Foote, Richard Foote

William White Cotton 1630 Virginia
Isham 1630
Children: Isham Whitecotton

John Cullan Axton ± 1620 England
Mary Mansell ± 1620 Virginia
Children: Ann Axton

Henry Darnall 1645 London, London, Eng. 1711 Portland Manor, Maryland
Eleanor Hatton 1642 London, England 1724/25 Maryland
Children: Philip Darnall, Henry Darnall, Eleanor Darnall, Anne Darnall, Mary Darnall

John MacCubbin ± 1579 Scotland
Ceit MacGowen ± 1583 Scotland
Children: Sir John MacCubbin
More on John at the McCubbin GenForum. Said to be of Clan Macalpine and a descendent of Kennth MacAlpine.

Daniel Carroll ± 1632 Litterluna, Kings, Ireland
Children: Anthony Carroll, Charles Carroll "The Immigrant", Thomas Carroll
8th Great Grand Parents
Thomas R. Page, Col. 1610 England 1676 Essex Co. VA
Elizabeth Allen ± 1614 England
Children: Elizabeth Page, Mary Page, Allen Page, Infant Page

Jacob Noel ± 1599 Leiden, Netherlands
Tryntgen Cornelis ± 1603 Leiden, Netherlands
Children: Cornelius Noel, Siburgh Noel, Boudewijn Noel, Jan Noel

Rogers Fielding 1604 Neuhan Pardox, Worcester, ENGLAND ENGLAND
Elizabeth Neal 1608 Neuhan Pardox, Worcester, ENGLAND ENGLAND
Children: Edward Fielding

Johann Georg Rucker 1607 Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany
Isabella 1610 Germany 1666 Germany
Children: Ambrose Levi Rucker, Elizabeth Rucker, Peter Rucker, Isabella Elizabeth Rucker, Johann Rucker

Anthony Rawlings 1615 England or Scotland ± 1651 Maryland
Joan or Jane
Children: Anthony Rawlings, Jr.

John Martin
Children: Anne Martin

John Nuthall 1618 Rochford, Essex, England 1667 Cross Manor, MD
Elizabeth Bacon 1609 England < 1661
Children: John Nuthall, Jr.

Cornelius Watts 1590 Somerset Co., Englan 1640 Vintenor, Somerset, England
Anne Esserman 1600 England
Children: Edward Watts

Giles Brent ± 1605 Lark Stroke, England < 1673 Stafford, VA
Mary Kittamaquand ± 1633 Piscataway, MD < 1666
Children: Giles Brent
Giles, the father, was acting Governor of Maryland during Lord Baltimore's absence and his marriage to an Indian girl caused quite a scandal at the time.

George Brent, Capt. 1602 Lark Stroke, England 1672 Woodstock, VA
Marianne Peyton ± 1610 Doddington, IoE, Suffolk, England < 1674
Children: Mary Brent

Richard Teate ± 1640
Children: Dorothy Teate

Thomas Taylor 1643 VA > 1696 Dorchester, MD
Children: John Taylor

Thomas Brereton ± 1615 England
Children: William Brereton

Samuel Smith ± 1620 London, England Northumberland, VA
Children: Sarah Smith

Ambrose Dixon ± 1620 1687 Somerset, MD
Mary Peddington ± 1625
Children: Thomas Dixon

Henry Potter ± 1620 1661 St. Mary's, MD
Children: Christina Potter

John Gibbs, Lt. ± 1596 Dorsetshire, England 1658/59 Middlesex Co., VA
Children: Gregory Gibbs

Robert Cager ± 1642 1665
Children: Dorothy Cager

William Jones ± 1614 Lower Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales < 1705
Children: William Jones

Richard Foote 1632 Cardinham, Cornwall, England 1725/26 England
Hester Hayward 1638/39 All Hallows Parish, London, England
Children: Sarah Foote

Isham Whitecotton 1650 Virgina 1742/43 Safford Co., Virgina
Ann Axton 1660 Stafford Co., Virginia 1705 Stafford Co., Virginia
Children: Meales Whitecotton

Sir John MacCubbin ± 1602 Scotland 1686 Scotland
Sarah MacGregor Black Scotland Scotland
Children: Richard McCubbin, John MacCubbin (MacKubin), James McCubbin, Fergus McCubbin, Anne McCubbin, Margaret McCubbin

Charles Carroll "The Immigrant" 1660 Ireland < 1720 Carrollton, Maryland
Mary Darnall 1678 Mi., Col. 1742
Children: Elinor (Eleanor) Carroll, Charles Carroll, Henry Carroll, Daniel Carroll, Mary Carroll
This Charles Carroll, referred to as the "Immigrant", was the grandfather of Charles Carrollton of Carrollton, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
7th Great Grand Parents
Cornelius Noel 1623 Leiden, Netherlands 1699 Essex Co., Virginia
Elizabeth Page 1635
Children: Daniel Noel, Mary Noel, Margaret Noel, Elizabeth Noel, James Noel, Cornelius Noel
Came to America, built and lived at New Holland Plantation, Occupacia, VA. More on Cornelius and Elizabeth

William Brereton 1645 Northumberland, VA ± 1690 Somerset, MD
Sarah Smith ± 1650 VA 1703 Somerset, MD
Children: William Brereton

Edward Fielding ± 1645 ENGLAND ENGLAND?
Elizabeth Maria Polteney 1646 Bristol, Gloucester, ENGLAND 1692 ENGLAND
Children: Elizabeth Fielding

Ambrose Levi Rucker ± 1640 Bavaria, Germany 1681 England
Elizabeth Ann Beauchamp 1642 France 1666 Germany
Children: Peter Rucker, Johan Rucker, Thomas Rucker, Elizabeth Isabella Rucker

Anthony Rawlings, Jr. 1643 Anne Arundel Co., MD 1709
Children: Aaron Rawlings

William Jones ± 1648 Wales ± 1702 Calvert Co., MD
Dorothy Cager ± 1648 < 1710
Children: Susannah Jones, Mary Jones, Ann Jones, Elizabeth Jones, William Jones

John Nuthall, Jr. < 1648 Northampton Co., VA 1714 St. Mary's, MD
Barbara < 1714
Children: John Nuttall III

Giles Brent ± 1652 Northampton Co., VA 1679 Middlesex, Virginia
Mary Brent ± 1650 Defford, Worchester, England
Children: Mary Brent

John Taylor ± 1670 Calvert, MD 1706 Dorchester, MD
Dorothy Teate ± 1670 1717
Children: Eleanor Taylor

Thomas Dixon ± 1650 Northampton, VA < 1720
Christina Potter ± 1650 St. Mary's, MD
Children: Diana Dixon

William Hodgson ± 1640 < 1670 Old Rappahannock Co., VA
Children: Winifred Hodgson, John Hodgson, William Hodgson

Edward Watts < 1620 Wells, Somerset Co., England ± 1690 Stafford Co., VA
Anne Martin 1668 1742 Safford Co., VA
Children: Edward Watts

James Sebree ± 1675 Northumberland, VA
Children: Richard Sebree

Gregory Gibbs 1635 Charles City Co., VA 1696 Middlesex Co., VA
Mary ± 1635
Children: John Gibbs

William Bledsoe ± 1676 1770
Anne 1692 ± 1723
Children: Hannah Bledsoe

Meales Whitecotton 1681 Stafford Co., Virginia 1733 Stafford Co., Virginia
Sarah Foote 1675 Cardinham, Cornwall, England > 1733 Stafford Co., Virginia
Children: Axton Whitecotton, George Whitecotton, Husband Foote Whitecotton, Hubbard Whitecotton, Mary Whitecotton

John MacCubbin (MacKubin) ± 1630 Knockdolian Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland 1685 Anne Arundel, Anne Arundel Co., Md
Elinor (Eleanor) Carroll 1632 Anne Arundal Co., Maryland 1711 Anne Arundal Co., Maryland
Children: Elinor McCubbins, Sarrah MacCubbin, Sarah MacCubbin, Elizabeth MacCubbin, Zacharias MacCubbin, William MacCubbin, Moses MacCubbin
Photos of Knockdolian Castle in Scotland:
6th Great Grand Parents
Bartholomew Vawter ± 1650 1717 Essex Co., Virginia
Winifred Hodgson ± 1670
Children: John Vawter, Edward Vawter, Richard Vawter, Augustine Vawter, Margaret Vawter
Bartholomew is the earlist Vawter in America that we can verify descendent from. He may have come from England or may be the son of an earlier Vawter, such as John Vawter who was working at Martin Baker's plantation near present day Richmond, Virginia in 1656. In England, the Vawter name is pretty much isolated to the west country, primarly Devonshire; in the 16th and 17th centuries there were dozens of Vawters living there. Most likely, Vawters are the descendents of the Valletorts or Vautorts who came from Normandy along with Duke William in 1066. There is, unfortunately, through time we’ve lost the lineage between the Valletorts of old with these Vawters.

Daniel Noel ± 1665 Essex Co., Virginia 1775 Essex Co., Virginia
Elizabeth Elliott
Children: Margaret Noel, Daniel Noel, Cornelius Noel, Bernard Noel, John Noel, Benjamin Noel, Samuel Noel

William Brereton 1674 Somerset, MD > 1740 Somerset, MD
Diana Dixon ± 1679 Annemesex Hundred, Somerset, MD
Children: Sarah Brereton

Aaron Rawlings ± 1667 1741 Anne Arundel Co., MD
Susannah Jones ± 1676 Anne Arundel Co., MD 1749 MD
Children: Daniel Rawlings

John Gibbs 1680 Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., VA 1724/25 Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., VA
Mary Marron 1682 1728 Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., VA
Children: Marron (Marrin) Gibbs

Benjamin Cave 1703 1762 Orange Co., VA
Hannah Bledsoe 1711 Spotsylvania Co., VA 1769 Orange Co., VA
Children: Elizabeth Cave

John Nuttall III ± 1670 St. Mary's or Calvert Co., MD 1714 St. Mary's, MD
Mary Brent ± 1675 Stafford, VA ± 1698 St. Mary's, MD
Children: Brent Nuthall

John Price ± 1696 MD 1728 Talbott, MD
Eleanor Taylor ± 1696 MD ± 1724 Dorchester, MD
Children: Thomas Taylor Price

John Robson ± 1690
Children: Martha Robson

Edward Watts ± 1689 Probably Stafford Co., VA ± 1728 Spotsylvania Co., VA
Elizabeth Downey ± 1665 England > 1710 Spotsylvania Co., VA
Children: Thomas Watts, Edward Watts, Jr., David Watts, William Watts, John Watts

Richard Sebree ± 1700 Northumberland, VA
Children: Richard Sebree

Peter Rucker 1661 Bavaria, Germany 1742/43 Spotsylvania, VA
Elizabeth Fielding 1660 Bristol, England 1752 Orange Co., VA
Children: Mary Rucker, Margaret Rucker, Thomas Rucker, Ephraim Rucker, John Rucker

George Whitecotton 1707 Stafford Co., Virginia 1743/44 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Virginia
Brigitt M. Whitecotton 1710 Virginia 1754
Children: George Whitecotton, John James Whitecotton, Mary Whitecotton, Axton Whitecotton

Edward Rumney ± 1663 Anne Arundal Co., Maryland
Elinor McCubbins ± 1667 Brampton, Anne Arundal Co., Maryland
Children: Mary Rumney, Kendreck Rumney, Elizabeth Rumney, Elinor Rumney, Edward Rumney
In the early 1700s, Edward owned Rumney's Tavern and ran the South River Ferry in Maryland, near Annapolis

Jens Pedersen 1646 Vilsted, Aalborg, Denmark 1736 Denmark
Ane Christensdatter 1660 Vilsted, Aalborg, Denmark Denmark
Children: Maren Jensen
Jens was probably a shoemaker as some sources list his name as Jens Pedersen Skomaker
5th Great Grand Parents
John Vawter 1691 Essex Co., Virginia 1752 Essex Co., Virginia
Margaret Noel ± 1695 Essex Co., Virginia 1756 Culpeper Co., Virginia
Children: David Vawter, Richard Beverly Vawter, Bartholomew Vawter, Angus Vawter, Margaret Vawter, Winifred Vawter

William Offill ± 1710
Mary Rucker ± 1702 Essex Co. VA
Children: Mary Offill, Margaret Offill, Elizabeth Offill, William Offill, "Daughter" Offill

Daniel Rawlings ± 1706 Anne Arundel Co., MD ± 1772 Frederick Co., MD
Mary Rumney 1696 All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundal Co., Maryland ± 1772 Frederick Co., MD
Children: Michael Rawlings
More on Mary Rumney

John Barnett 1704 ± 1750
Marron (Marrin) Gibbs ± 1707 Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., VA
Children: Sarah Barnett

Brent Nuthall 1697 St. Mary's, MD > 1759 MD
Sarah Brereton ± 1712 West Princess Anne, Somerset, MD > 1786 KY
Children: Elijah Nuttle

Thomas Taylor Price ± 1720 Dorchester, MD < 1800
Martha Robson ± 1720 Talbott, MD < 1800
Children: Mary "Polly" Price

Thomas Watts ± 1690 Probably Stafford Co., VA 1748/49 Culpeper Co., VA
Esther Stone ± 1690 Culpeper County, VA 1772 Orange Co., VA
Children: John Watts

William Johnson 1726 ± 1786 Orange, VA
Elizabeth Cave ± 1730 Orange, VA
Children: Mildred Johnson, Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson married Jemima Suggett; their son, Richard Mentor Johnson (1780-1850) was United States Senator from Kentucky (1819-1829) and Vice President of the United States under Martin Van Buren. (1837-1841). Johnson was so disliked, he failed to get the necessary votes in the Electoral College to win the Vice Presidency. It was only through election by the Senate that he was elected Vice President, becoming the only Vice President ever selected via the Twelth Amendment to the Constitution. When Van Buren ran for re-election in 1840, Johnson was dumped from the ticket.

Richard Sebree 1721 Northumberland, VA ± 1794
Children: John Sebree

George Whitecotton ± 1729 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Virginia ± 1768 Stafford Co., Virginia
Mary Harris 1729/30 Henrico Co., Virginia ± 1790
Children: Elizabeth Whitecotton, Nancy Whitecotton, James Whitecotton, Mealey Whitecotton, George Whitecotton, Harris Whitecotton

Gerrard Edwards ± 1738 1810 Fauquier Co., Virginia
Children: Benjamin Edwards

James Reeves Wales Pa or NJ
Children: John Reeves

Hans Andersen Denmark Denmark
Maren Jensen 1701 Vilsted, Denmark Denmark
Children: Jens Hansen, Laurids Hansen, Soren Hansen, Anders Hansen
4th Great Grand Parents
John Watts ± 1722 Spotsylvania Co., VA 1796 Madison Co., KY
Sarah Barnett ± 1728 Orange Co., VA ± 1796 Madison Co., KY
Children: Elizabeth Watts, John Watts

David Vawter ± 1725 ± 1779
Mary Offill 1735 1797 KY
Children: Jesse Vawter, Philemon Vawter, William Vawter, Winifred Vawter, Margaret Vawter, Mary Vawter, David Vawter

Michael Rawlings 1720 Baltimore Co., MD 1780 Washington, PA
Mary Loudoun
Children: Daniel Rawlings, Moses (Michael) Rawlings

Elijah Nuttle ± 1734 Somerset Co. or Talbot Co. MD ± 1803 Fayette Co., KY
Mary "Polly" Price 1744 Mill Hundred, Talbot Co., MD > 1812 Fayette or Jessamine Co., KY
Children: Sarah "Sally" Nuttle

John Sebree 1749 England 1781 Yorktown, VA
Mildred Johnson ± 1753 Orange, VA 1790 Orange, VA
Children: Fanny Sebree
John Sebree was a Revolutionary War soldier and fought with General George Rogers Clark's group in the campaign against British posts in the west. He died during the during the siege of Yorktown.

Benjamin Edwards ± 1762 Fauquier Co., Virginia 1839 Fauquier Co., Virginia
Children: Elisha Edwards

Robert Ellis Virginia Virginia
Elizabeth Whitecotton ± 1755
Children: Diannah Ellis, Harrison Ellis, Elizabeth Ellis, Elijah Ellis, James William Ellis, George Ellis, Thornton Ellis, Nancy Ellis, Susan Ellis

John Dicks
Mary Corbett
Children: George Dicks, John Dicks, Elizabeth Dicks, William Dicks, Nicholas Dicks

John Reeves 1750 Wales or Lancaster Co., PA
Rebecca Huber
Children: Elizabeth Reeves, Stacy Reeves, Caleb Reeves, Samuel Reeves, John Reeves, Rebecca Reeves

Jens Hansen 1737 Denmark Denmark
Else Nielsdatter 1747 Denmark Denmark
Children: Carl Frederick Jensen, Hans Jensen, Maren Jensdatter
1787 Danish Census, Jens is shown as a peasant in Vilsted, Aalborg

Peder Andersen Janum 1753 Denmark Denmark
Inger Jensdatter 1759 Denmark Denmark
Children: Mette Pedersdatter
1801 & 1834 Danish Census, Peder is listed as a peasant.
3th Great Grand Parents
Jesse Vawter 1755 1838
Elizabeth Watts 1762 1830 Madison, IN
Children: James Vawter, John Vawter, William Vawter, Frances Vawter, Mary Vawter, Sarah Vawter, Julia Vawter, Achilles Vawter, Ann Vawter
During the Revolutionary War, Jesse served in Capt John Camps Company, First Virginia Regulars under Col. George Gibson.

Daniel Rawlings ± 1750 ± 1803
Sarah "Sally" Nuttle 1764 Bullenbroke Hundred, Talbot Co., MD > 1850 Harrison Co., IN or IL
Children: Stephen Wesley Rawlings

John Watts 1767 Orange Co., VA 1834 Friendship, Dearborn, IN
Fanny Sebree 1772 Culpeper Co., VA 1854 Friendship, Dearborn, IN
Children: Sarah Watts

Aaron Rawlings ± 1765
Children: Mary "Polly" Rawlings, Leroy Rawlings, Rebecca Rawlings, Effie Rawlings, Eleazer Rawlings, Josiah Rawlings, Moses Rawlings

Samuel Dobson
Children: Eleanore Dobson, Samuel Dobson, Didama Dobson

Elisha Edwards ± 1785
Diannah Ellis 1783 Fauquier Co., Virginia 1857
Children: Elizabeth Edwards

George Dicks 1844
Elizabeth Reeves 1774
Children: John Dicks, Lidy Dicks, Amy Dicks, Polly Dicks

Christen Nielsen 1790 Fraer, Denmark Denmark
Johanne Christensdatter 1788 Denmark Denmark
Children: Mette Cathrine Christiansdatter

Niels Madsen 1795 Denmark Denmark
Mette Marie Albertsdatter 1797 Denmark Denmark
Children: Mads Nielsen, Albert Nielsen, Ane Marie Nielsdatter, Maren Kirstine, Nielsdatter, Laust Christian Nielsen
1834 Census, Niels is listed as a fisherman in Sebber.

Carl Frederick Jensen 1784 Vilsted, Denmark Denmark
Birgette Marie Jorgensdatter 1789 Logsted, Denmark Denmark
Children: Jorgen Christian Carlsen, Jens Carlsen, Jens Christian Carlsen, Else Catrine Carlsdatter

Soren Mikkelsen 1781 Denmark Denmark
Mette Pedersdatter 1800 Denmark Denmark
Children: Johanne M. Sorensdatter, Jens Christian Sorensen, Mikkel Sorensen
In 1840 & 1850 Danish Census, Soren is listed as farmer in Vilsted, Aalborg.
Great Great Grand Parents
John Dicks ± 1795 Cloverdale, Indiana
Elizabeth Edwards
Children: Elizabeth Dicks, Emily Dicks, Pauline Dicks, Charles W. Dicks, Alfred Dicks, George Dicks, John Dicks

David Kerr 1787 Virginia 1863 Owen Co., IN
Eleanore Dobson 1796 TN 1871 Owen Co., IN
Children: Robert Baker Kerr, Sarah Kerr, Francis Marion Kerr, John McCord Kerr
David served in the East Tennessee Militia under Capt Christopher Cook during the War of 1812, serving from September 1814; he was discharged on May 3, 1815. In 1828, the family moved to Owen County Indiana. David also had another daughter, Elizabeth Kerr, either with Eleanore or possibly from earlier marriage to Elizabeth 'Betsy' Robinson. Either way daughter Elizabeth married Cornelius Guinn.

DNA testing (via suggests that David had a brother, John Kerr, born 1789, who married Polly Clement in Campbell County, Virginia. John and Polly had a son named John Richard Kerr, born 1826. DNA testing also indicates David is closely related to Robert Blair, born 1-1-1831 in County Antrim, Ireland.

James Vawter 1783 Holston River, NC (now KY) 1872
Sarah Watts 1796 Boone Co. KY ± 1799
Children: James S. Vawter, John Watts Vawter, Johnson S. Vawter, William C. Vawter, Milton S. Vawter, Newton W. Vawter, Thomas S. Vawter, Frances Vawter, Fanny Vawter, Susan Vawter, Jesse Holman Vawter

Stephen Wesley Rawlings 1785 Washington Co. PA 1866 Johnson Co., IN
Mary "Polly" Rawlings 1794 Henry Co., Kentucky 1872 Johnson Co., IN
Children: Phoebe Almeida Rawlings, Sophronia Rawlings, Elizabeth Rawlings, Pauline Rawlings, Emmerine Rawlings, Zerelda Rawlings, Everline Rawlings, Moses Evermount Rawlings, John Mortimer Rawlings, Armilda Rawlings

Jens Jensen 1812 Fraer, Denmark
Mette Cathrine Christiansdatter ± 1834 Denmark 1905 Denmark
Children: Niels Jensen, Peter Jensen
Danish Census records show Mette's last name as Christiansdatter (which makes sense as her father was Christian Nielsen), but also as Rasmusdatter. 1850 Census lists Jens as the farm manager for his mother-in-law, Johanne Christiansdatter, who is listed as a pot maker.

Jens Sorensen 1803 Volsted, Aalborg,Denmark Denmark
Karen Kirstine Jacobsdatter 1815 Sonderholm, Denmark Denmark
Children: Ingre Marie Jensen, Christen Jensen, Jacobine Jensen, Jens Jensen, and Ane Elizabeth Jensen

Mads Nielsen 1827 Sebber, Denmark Denmark
Christine Nielsen 1827 Farstrup, Denmark Denmark
Children: Lars Madsen
1880 Danish Census says that Mads was a farmer in Sebber Parish, Barmer town.

Jorgen Christian Carlsen 1781 Denmark Denmark
Johanne Sorensdatter 1800 Denmark Denmark
Children: Karen Maria Jorgensen
1860 census records says Jorgen was a "grower" in Logsted.
Great Grand Parents
Robert Baker Kerr 1828 Knoxville, TN 1898 Indiana
Elizabeth Dicks 1832 Kentucky Indiana
Children: George Scott Kerr, Charles Lewis Kerr, William Franklin Kerr, Etta (Ettie\Paulina) Kerr, Sarah (Jennie) Kerr, Emma Lou Kerr, John Kerr

James S. Vawter 1831 1881
Phoebe Almeida Rawlings 1837 Franklin Township, Johnson Co. IN 1887
Children: Effie Almeda Vawter, Ada Vawter

Lars Madsen 1861 Sebber, Aalborg, Denmark 1926 Aars, Denmark
Karen Maria Jorgensen 1858 Mjallerup, Denmark 1911 Aars, Denmark
Children: Anna Madsen, Katrina Madsen, George Madsen, Christian Madsen, Johan Madsen, Hanna Madsen
Lars was a brewer. After Karen died, Lars married Hasina Posborg and they had three sons: Aage Christian Madsen (b. 1913), Viggo Madsen (b. 1914),and Arne Madsen (b. 1919). Aage moved to Johannesburg, South Africa and opened The Three Vikings Restaurant.

Niels Jensen Plon 1846 Fraer, Denmark 1931 Fraer, Denmark
Ingre Marie Jensen 1856 Denmark 1946 Denmark
Children: Jens Peter Kristian Plond, Ottinius Plond, Anna Elizabeth Plond, Martine Christine Jensen, Mete Katrine Jensen. Anna married Laurids Jorgensen.
In the 1880 & 1890 Danish Census, Niels is listed as a farmer and both Niels and his brother Peter were using Pløn as their last name. On 4-22-1904, Niels' and his children's last names were legally changed to Pløn. Jens used Plond when he came to America in 1904.
Grand Parents
George Scott Kerr 1852 Owen Co., Indiana 1937 Los Angeles Co., CA
Effie Almeda Vawter 1872 North Madison, Indiana 1921 Billings, Montana
Children: Arleigh Robert Kerr, Stanley Ingomar Lycurgus Kerr, Reese Vawter Kerr
Read George's breathtaking story of being Chased by Wolves in Montana.

Jens Peter Kristian Plond 1884 Fraer, Denmark 1982 Long Beach, CA
Anna Madsen ± 1890 Aars, Denmark 1959 Compton, CA
Children: Karen Plond, Edythe Plond, Frances Plond, James Plond
Arleigh Robert Kerr 1897 Indianapolis, Indiana 1980 Los Angeles, CA
Karen Plond 1913 Audubon, Iowa 1990 Tustin, CA
Children: Arleigh Robert Kerr, Jr