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Kerr Vawter Jensen Madsen Noel Everybody  

My ancestors came from all over Europe, hover your mouse pointer over various nations to see more information. Click on them for more information.

Family Timeline Historical Notes
1000 - Joel Vautorte born in Normandy
Norman Invasion of England - 1066
1068 - Reginald Vautorte builds Trematon Castle
Battle of Bannockburn / Scottish Independence - 1314
1431 - Richard Beauchamp "supervises" trial of Jeanne d'Arc
1470/1 - William Fielding and Henry Neville die in War of the Roses
1515 - Andrew Kerr named Warden of the Middle Marches (Scotland)
1545 - Jacob Noweelsz born in Sedan, France Battle of Ancrum Moor (Scotland) - 1545
1665 - Bartholomew Vawter comes to Virginia
American Revolution - 1776
1788 - David Kerr born in Virginia
1828 - Robert Baker Kerr born in Tennessee
1852 - George Scott Kerr born in Indiana
War for Southern Independence - 1861
1884 - Jens Jensen born in Fraer, Denmark
1897 - Arleigh R. Kerr born in Indiana
1950 - Arleigh R. Kerr Jr. born in California