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Our Pets


While she looks pretty much like a real Scottie, Kelly is actually half Scottie and half Schnauzer. She's a wonderful dog, loves people, loves chasing tennis balls and playing catch. And she's really smart. Only thing she really hates is other dogs. She's got a bit of OCD and fixates on flashlights, laser pointers, camera flashes. She's not too fond birthday cakes -- but we're not sure if it's the candles or the singing that bothers her. And she really doesn't like it when we have a fire in the fireplace.


First off, you gotta' know that Tom is a really weird cat. He's not really aware of what's going on around him. You can pick him up, carry him to another room and plop him down and he'll just lay there. Blissfully ignorant, until it's dinner time -- then he comes alive.

He loves to 'hang' on the backs of sofa, rolled up carpets, half walls. He'll lay down and sleep like this for hours.
I'm reminded of what Dean Wormer said to Flounder, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." And no, this picture was not posed.

Tom's Great Adventure

Thanksgiving week, Tom managed to get himself stuck under our deck over night. Don't quite know how he got under the deck as it is only 4" above the concrete, but he did. We couldn't coax him out and he ended up spending the night there. Finally, about noon the next day we were able to figure out more or less where he was. I had to remove a couple of the deck boards to find him.

Even then, I couldn't really see him under the deck, so I lowered my iPhone to take a video to see if he was there. Tom was and you've never heard a sadder cat in your life. We successfully lured him to the open spot with food, then Diane grabbed him and pulled him.


Jones was a rescue cat and spent his first week hiding in our bathroom. Eventually he got used to us and now happily wanders the house, but his favorite spot is anywhere there is sunshine. He's still a bit paranoid and little concerned with anything new, but he's a wonderful cat.

Gone, but not forgotten


As a kitten, Electra adopted us years ago. She arrived one morning at the backdoor, cold and hungry. Despite the attentions of the two dogs, she came right in and headed for Comet's food bowl. She batted Comet's nose just once, the hound backed off and let Electra eat to her heart's content.


Comet is gone now, but she was our second Basset Hound (the first being Tiger). She was the sweetest dogs we've ever had. She died the same day as Princess Diana.


Also gone now; Margaret, our English Bulldog, appeared in commercials for Coors, ATT Alaska, Xerox, Motorola, and the Oregon Lottery.


Gone now, but in her prime, Megan, a Cornish Rex, was one strange cat. Lacking the two outer layers of fur, Megan was always cold and would seek heat anywhere she could find it. When Diane first got her, Diane lived in an apartment with an old stove that had a constantly burning pilot flame under the grill -- and that's where Megan wanted to sleep.