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Our Pets

Keeping with Basset Hound traditions, Comet primary goals in life involve food, sleeping on the couch, getting her tummy scratched and more food.


Electra adopted us awhile back. She arrived one morning at the backdoor, cold and hungry. Despite the attentions of the two dogs, she came right in and headed for Comet's food bowl. She batted Comet's nose just once, the hound backed off and let Electra eat to her heart's content.


The most affectionate and playful cat we've ever had, Jones, is pretty camera shy. He likes nothing better than getting his tummy scratched.


We got Tom as a kitten. Very playful, friendly and, perhaps, just a little bit schizo. He and Jones became best buddies the very first day we brought Tom home.


Our newest addition, we got Kelly in May, 2004. She's a 'Schottie' Schnauzer/Scottie mix. Except for her long legs, she looks pretty much pure Scottie.


Gone now, but in her prime, Megan, a Cornish Rex, was one strange cat. To keep warm, she liked to sleep on an old stove.


Also gone now; Margaret, our English Bulldog, appeared in commercials for Coors, ATT Alaska, Xerox, Motorola, and the Oregon Lottery.

Testing Thanksgiving week, Tom managed to get himself stuck under our deck over night. Don't quite know how he got under the deck as it only 4" above the concrete, but he did. I had to remove a couple of the deck boards to find him. I couldn't really see him under the deck, so I lowered my iPhone to take a video to see if he was there. Tom was and you've never heard a sadder cat in your life. We successfully lured him to the open spot with food, then Diane grabbed him.