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Right, so you've seen Braveheart a dozen times and can recite lines from the movie perfectly. The Braveheart website has all sorts of interesting items about the movie and links to real historical websites.

But now you want to learn more about the real William Wallace, the man Mel Gibson played in Braveheart. No, he didn't meet the Princess Isabelle (played by the lovely Sophie Marceau). Discover the real William Wallace.

There was much more to Robert the Bruce than was shown in Braveheart, in which he was portrayed as a good, but vacillating man. He was, in fact, a great man who fought for and won independence for Scotland.

The Future

Freedom for Scotland? Could happen. The Scottish now elect a local assembly and there is movement afoot for full independence from England. The Scottish Independence Movement's website provides an update.

But be forewarned, many of the folks behind Independence for Scotland are out and out socialists. Socialists just don't understand that freedom doesn't just mean freedom from England, but the freedom of living without the government, any government, controlling your life.

Language and Culture

Dispite the overwhelming influence of English, the Scots Language still lives. The Scots National Dictionary website tells of the history of the Scots Language and provide an online Scots Dictionary.

Scots-Online is a terrific site for everything dealing with the Scots Language: a English to Scots and Scots to English dictionary, MP3 audio files of Scots being spoken, history of the language and lots more.

Check this website for lots of Scottish links on Gaelic, Robert Burns, food, and culture.

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