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Noailles Arms Noel Family

The name Noel probably had it's origins in the French Duchy of Noailles prior to the 11th century. By the 14th century they had branched all over France.

Nowe Passchier

Born about 1560-1573

Nowe was born in Haleweijn, Belgium, now a suburb of Ghent. He married Stijntje Jaspers on 3-19-1582/83 at Hooglandsche Church in Leiden, Holland. Stijntje was born in Holland, either in Menen or Leiden. Passchier is the Flemish version of the French name, Pascal.

They had three children: Susanna (married Jan Barentszn in 1618), Boudewijn (died 1624), Jacob (born about 1599).

Jacob Noel

Born about 1599

Jacob was born in Leiden, Holland. Using the patronimic system, Jacob took his father's given name Nowe (Noel) for his surname. He married Tryntgen Cornelis on 2-2-1620/1621 in Leiden. Tryntgen was born about 1603 in Leiden.

Jacob and Tryntgen had five children: The first, Cornelius was born 4-11-1622, but died within weeks on 6-19-1622. Their next three children all survived childhood: Cornelius (again), born 10-8-1623, Siburgh (8-8-1627 to 10-28-1627), Boudewijn (born 4-22-1629) and Jan (John), born on 1-2-1631/32 and died in Charles City, Virginia.

Cornelius Noel


Cornelius was born on Aug. 8, 1623 in Leiden, Holland and died 6-6-1699 in Essex County, Virginia. Married Elizabeth Page in Essex County. Elizabeth was born about 1645 in London, England and the daughter of Thomas Page. Cornelius named his home in Occupacia, New Holland Plantation.

Children: Daniel (b. ca. 1665), Mary (b. 1669, married Thomas Cloutsome, d. 1691/92), Margaret (b. 1671 married Edmond Connalee on 1-10-1691/92), Cornelius (b. 1675, married Sarah Stallard), Elizabeth (b. ca. 1678, married John Ridgdaile), James (b. 1680, married Elizabeth Evans, d. 1741).

From The Journal of the Grand Assembly, Virginia's House of Burgesses, November 8, 1666:

"Whereas Cornelius Noel hath long lived in this Country, servant and Freeman and of the Reformed Religion and hath taken Land with a full resolution to make his constant abode in this Country and to demean himself as a true and faithful servant towards his Majesty and his Leige people, hath petitioned he might be admitted a Denizen of this Country.

"It is by the Governor Council and Burgesses of this Grand Assembly Granted and Ordered that the said Cornelius Noel be made a free Denizen."

Cornelius Noel's will dated 1-1-1698/99 leaves his land, "New Holland" to his wife and then to son James.

Daniel Noel

Born about 1665

Born in Essex Co., Virginia, died there on 9-15-1775. Married Elizabeth Elliott.

Children: Margaret (1695-1756), Daniel (1700-1770), Cornelius (b. 1702), Bernard, (1710-1800), John (1710-1797), Benjamin (1712-1802) and Samuel (1716-1774).

Margaret Noel

Born about 1695

Born in Essex Co., Virginia. Died 10-21-1756 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Married John Vawter (1691-1748/1752). Children: David, Richard Beverly, Bartholomew, Margaret, Angus, Winifred.

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