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Vawter Family Details
Bartholomew Vawter born in England, probably in Devonshire about 1645-1660. He married Winifred Hodgson about 1691-1693. She was the daughter of William and Oran/Onah Hodgson and she had a brother named John.
Bartholomew and Winifred had six children, all born in Essex County, Virginia:
  • Edward
  • Richard
  • Benjamin
  • John
  • Augustine
  • Margaret
Second Generation
John Vawter (son of Bartholomew), born 1691 in Essex County, died in 1748-52 in Essex County. Married Margaret Noel, the daughter of Daniel Noel and Elizabeth Elliott.
John and Margaret had six children:
  • David
  • Richard Beverly
  • Bartholomew
  • Margaret
  • Angus
  • Winifred.
Edward Vawter (son of Bartholomew), c1701-1779. Married Elizabeth Boulware.
Richard Vawter (son of Bartholomew), c1702/03-after 1750.
Benjamin Vawter (son of Bartholomew), c1708/10-c1736.
Augustine Vawter (son of Bartholomew), c1706/07-after 1750.
Margaret Vawter (daughter of Bartholomew), c1700-after 1741. Married Thomas S. Tinsley (c1685-1764, son of Thomas Tinsley and Sarah Jackson).
Third Generation
David Vawter (son of John and Margaret), born around 1725-33, but some say 1720. He may have died about 1779. Married Mary Offill, the daughter of Mary Rucker and granddaughter of Peter Rucker). David and Mary 6 or 7 children:
  • Jesse (b. 1755)
  • Philemon
  • William
  • Winifred
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • And, perhaps, another son named David.
Richard Beverly Vawter (son of John and Margaret), born c1725, Middlesex, Va.; died 1803. Married Frances Towles, of Middlesex Co. Va.
Frances Towles (5-8-1730 to 11-11-1818), was the daughter of Stokeley Towles and Ann Vallott. Stokely Towles, born 1695 in Accomac Co., VA; the son of Henry Towles & Ann Stokely. He married Ann Vallot October 21, 1708 in Middlesex Co., VA. Ann Vallot, born July 31, 1693 in VA; died 1743. She was the daughter of Claude Vallot and Ann Jenkinson.
Richard and Frances had 9 children:
  • John, c1750-
  • Beverly c1753-
  • Nancy c1755-
  • Anne 11-14-1758-
  • Margaret c1762-
  • Lucy c1764-
  • Tabitha c1766-
  • Alpha c1768-
Bartholomew Vawter (son of John and Margaret), c1718-?. Married Ann Hay.
Margaret Vawter (daughter of John and Margaret), c1722-1811. Married Ephriam Rucker (born in Gloucester, England c1700-1797 in Culpeper, Va).
Angus Vawter (daughter of John and Margaret), c1728-1785. Married Anne Boulware (c1735- ?), daughter of Benjamin Boulware and Anne Short of Essex, Va.
Winifred Vawter (daughter of John and Margaret), c1730-?.
Edward Vawter, (daughter of John and Margaret). Built Vauter's Church.
Fourth Generation
Jesse Vawter (son of David), 1755-1838. He married Elizabeth Watts on March 29, 1781 in Madison, Culpeper County, Virginia. She was born 12-30-1762 to John and Sarah Barnett Watts. She died on 9-10-1830 in Madison, Indiana.
During the Revolutionary War, Jesse served in Capt John Camps Company, First Virginia Regulars under Col. George Gibson.
Jesse and Elizabeth had nine children:
  • John
  • William
  • James (b. 1783)
  • Frances
  • Mary
  • Sarah
  • Julia
  • Achilles
  • Ann.
Winifred Vawter (daughter of David), c1754-1818. Married James Dehoney (1755-?), son of Thomas Dehoney and Hannah Rhodes.
William Vawter (son of David) , 1757/60-1823. Served as a lieutenant during the Revolutionary War. Married Mary Rucker (c1735-?), daughter of Lt. Col. Ephriam Rucker and Margaret Vawter.
Philemon Vawter (son of David), 1762-1814. Married Anna Vawter (1758-1845), daughter of Richard Vawter and Frances Towles. Children: Lucy and Frances. Frances b.8-11-1787; d. 10-26-1869 in North Vernon, IN; married William Vawter 1-1-1809.
Margaret Vawter (daughter of David), 1763-1813. Married Achilles Stapp (1755-1849).
Mary Vawter (daughter of David), 1765/69-?). Married John Gatewood and lived in Fayette County, KY.
David (son of David). There is some debate over his existence.
Lucy (daughter of Richard Beverly & Frances Towles ), 1764. Married Andrew Fink about 1770. Madison Co . Va.
Fifth Generation
James Vawter (son of Jesse), born 4-2-1783, died in 1872. James was the twin brother of William Vawter. They were born near the Holston River in KY (then it was NC). James came to Indiana in 1806 and settled in Fairmount. He married Sarah Watts (b. 1796) in 1816, probably in North Madison, IN.
See Vawter book re: stories about James ("Uncle Jimmy").
James and Sarah had 11 children:
  • John Watts Vawter
  • Jesse Holman Vawter
  • Johnson S. Vawter
  • James S. Vawter
  • William C. Vawter
  • Milton S. Vawter
  • Newton W. Vawter
  • Thomas S. Vawter
  • Frances Vawter
  • Fanny Vawter
  • Susan Vawter
William Vawter (son of Jesse), born 4-2-1783 near Holston River, KY; died 7-17-1868 in North Vernon, Jennings Co., IN. Married Frances Vawter 1-1-1809.
John Vawter (son of Jesse), born 1-8-1782; died c1783.
Sixth Generation
James S. Vawter (son of James), born May 9, 1831; died Aug. 5, 1881. Married Pheba Almeida Rollins in January 1864 in Indiana. James lived most of his life in Jefferson and Johnson Counties, Indiana. He was a grocer and postmaster. Pheba died 7-13-1887.
James and Pheba had two daughters:
  • Effie
  • Ada
John Watts Vawter, (son of James) 11-15-1817 to 9-25-1875. Married Louesa Backman
Jesse Holman Vawter, (son of James) 3-6-1820 to 8-30-1898. Married Martha E. Pyle
Johnson S. Vawter, (son of James) 5-25-1824 to 12-6-1879. Married Diana Moncrief.
William C. Vawter, (son of James) 2-28-1827 to 9-5-1896. Married Sydney Olive Willis.
Milton S. Vawter, (son of James) 2-17-1829 to . Married Aureana L. Vawter, daughter of Pascal Vawter.
Newton W. Vawter, (son of James) 4-13-1833 to ?. Married Lucretia Branham, Maria B. Foster, and Armilda A. Hollister.
Thomas S. Vawter. (son of James) 5-3-1840 to ?. Married Annie LeGill
Frances, (daughter of James) Died at 2
Fanny, (daughter of James), Unmarried
Susan, (daughter of James), Unmarried
Seventh Generation
Effie Vawter (daughter of James and Pheba), born 8-10-1872 in North Madison, IN. Died Feb. 26, 1921 in Billings, MT. Married George Scott Kerr and had three children:
  • Stanley Ingomar Lycurgus Kerr
  • Arleigh Robert Kerr
  • Reese Vawter Kerr.
Ada Vawter (daughter of James and Pheba). Born 12-23-1864 in Amity, Johnson Co., Indiana. Never married. Died 5-30-1901.